Water Conservation

Why should we conserve our water resources?

Right now, fresh water is becoming more and more limited. It is our duty as one of the most water-wasteful countries in the world to change our habits and do our part in water conservation. Conserving water will not only help save the dwindling fresh water resources in Australia. In doing so, we can also help ourselves by reducing our water bills and saving money in the process. 

Water Conservation » wasting water

How you can reduce your bills by conserving water

There are heaps of ways by which every individual Australian can help conserve water in their own households. To give you an idea of what you can do, here are a couple of water conservation tricks suggested by the team at Green Planet Plumbing.

Water Conservation » wasting water

Always check for leaks and drips

Some of the major causes of water wastage are leaky pipes and dripping faucets. Small leaks might seem to be harmless, but it actually wastes as much as 75 litres a day. Unchecked water can also cause some health hazards, such as moulds and mosquitoes. By checking for leaks and drips in your home, you can lessen your monthly water bill, and also avoid health issues at the same time.

Change your daily habit

You might not be aware of it, but your daily habits contribute to loss of freshwater resources worldwide. When you brush your teeth or wash the dishes, you leave the tap water running even if it is not currently in use. When you dump trash, wipes, or cigarettes in your toilet, flushing will use more water than what is usually required. Washing your car with a hose, showering for a long period of time, and other actions of the like also contribute to the water wastage that you do every day.

To reduce your water bill, you should be vigilant of the way you use water in your daily life. When brushing your teeth, don’t let the tap run while it is not currently in use. Instead of washing dishes by tap, try using a basin of water as an alternative. These small lifestyle changes will have a big cumulative impact in the water conservation campaign worldwide. Do your part and change the way you treat water in your daily life.

Water Conservation » wasting water
Water Conservation » wasting water

Upgrade your fixtures to more efficient ones

Right now, there are heaps of companies that offer faucets, showerheads, toilets, and dishwashers that use less water than their older versions. Upgrading your fixtures might set you back financially at the beginning, but you’ll quickly earn that back by the reduced water bill that you will get every month. Approach your local plumbing company now and enquire about how you can acquire these efficient fixtures as soon as possible. 

Be strategic about your plant-watering schedule

Getting up in the morning to water your plants might be tiresome, but doing it will help you conserve a huge amount of water daily. Since the morning temperature is relatively cooler, you’ll need less water to maintain your plants. Losing less water to evaporation is not the only benefit of watering your plants in the morning. This will also lessen mould growth in your lawn or garden, which is definitely a benefit in the maintenance department.

Water Conservation » wasting water
Water Conservation » wasting water

Mind your energy consumption

By conserving power, you can actually conserve water too! Power companies waste thousands of gallons of water due to power plant cooling systems. Through lessening your energy consumption, you can reduce the need for power plant cooling systems. By doing this, you indirectly help in conserving water, and you also reduce your energy bill in the process.

These are just some of the ways by which you can help conserve water and reduce your bills at the same time. You might think that your actions would not matter in the grand scheme of things, but your small contribution actually adds up to a community effort in water conservation worldwide. Do your part in water conservation. By participant in this campaign, no one loses and everybody wins.